Oltman’s Friday Fr33bie: Alien Swarm

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It is Friday. It is nearly the weekend. That means it is time to get some free game time in. If you have a Steam account, and let’s face it, every PC gamer should really have one by now, then I have just the game for you and three buddies.

Alien Swarm Screenshot 1

Alien Swarm is a title available for free on Steam, designed by Valve and released for free. Did I mention that it was free? I make a big deal about this because when you play the game you will be surprised at just how much game you get in this title. Plus it is free.

Alien Swarm is a top-down shooter for up to four players. You are on a planet overrun with aliens and it is up to you to eradicate them and escape the hostile planet.

Alien Swarm Screenshot 3

Before each level you get to choose your class and weapons, and then the action starts. Choosing the right class and weapons could be vital to success later on as every player has to support the rest of his team. The medic plays a big part in keeping his team healthy, while the engineer needs to carry his tools around to open and close doors.

Playing with three friends over a network or on the internet is loads of fun. The dark alleys and scary monsters will often give you a fright. When you are the last one of the group and feel a little left behind, then you will always run into a group of aliens giving you a hard time.

Alien Swarm Screenshot 4

The campaign might be a bit on the short side, just over an hour or so, but the game also has a great set of mod tools available and the sheer variety of levels currently out there will keep you busy for much, much longer.

Alien Swarm Screenshot 2

Get your alien infestation on over at Steam right now! Be sure to befriend me on Steam as I am always keen for some alien eradication!

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