E3 2012: Wonderbook: Book of Spells Preview (PS3 with Move)

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The small audience of media gathered around the Wonderbook: Book of Spells demonstration booth was eager to check out this Wonderbook for ourselves, to run a quick inspection of sorts. Once we had it in our hands, we turned it over and we looked inside, in much the same way as one would inspect the wooden box that magicians routinely cut people in half in.

Wonderbook: Book of Spells Screenshot 6

It goes without saying that we didn’t find any secret trapdoors, no portals into another world, in fact we didn’t even catch a glimpse of Dobby. Turns out it’s just a plain ol’ book, a book made of paper and cardboard, with no magnets or batteries. Yet when the strange patterns on the book are combined with the PlayStation Move Controller, they allow you to place anything (including any characters and any stories) onto the book itself.

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