El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Dad’s Day, E3 2012 catch-up and more rugby

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As another week of June comes to a close, we’re looking forward to the beginning of another June weekend filled with fun and festivities including an all-new clash between superstar rugby teams, South Africa and England.

There are always grand collections of games to play, but a few of us will be looking back at our time spent with unreleased titles as we continue to write up our experiences at E3 2012 – there are still lots of previews and impressions from the show to come so definitely look forward to that.

What else are members of El33tonline going to be busy with this weekend? Find out below and be sure to tell us what you’ll be up to as well:


“If society cared for alliteration as much as I do then ‘Father’s Day’ would be ‘Dad’s Day’. With that observation out of the way, let me tell you about my weekend plans, or lack thereof!

Tomorrow afternoon/evening is rugby so that will definitely be the highlight of my weekend if the Bokke can pull off another victory.

On Sunday I’ll be visiting my parents to celebrate Dad’s Day with two generations of fathers. I’m very grateful that all my grandparents are still alive – hopefully it means we have longevity in our bloodline!

I also plan to play a bit more DiRT Showdown before writing my review for it. No one on my Xbox LIVE friends list has this game so maybe I can convince a few of you to pick it up so I won’t be alone on the local leaderboards…”


“Modern Warfare 3 PC LAN tomorrow! Hooking up with the boys for some much needed gaming therapy; nothing better than a lag free LAN with a couple of good mates!
Its going to be epic :D”


“Bleh. What a week.

Weekend is here. Bryan not on standby. International Board Game day on Saturday so that is going to be spent with Aliens versus Zombies versus humans in a carnival town. Chainsaws, ray guns, and braaaains are sure to come a dime a dozen in a hybrid Last Night on Earth meets Invasion from Outer Space session!

Xbox will sadly most likely take a back seat to the Board Game festivities and the rugby.

My brain is exhausted. ”


“This weekend I am making my BF3 come-back! I missed out last week as the new patch jumped up on me like Piglet with a defibrillator! But it is installed and ready to go!

The rest of the weekend is all about the dads! I may be a month away from becoming a dad, but since there is clear visual proof on my wife that I am a dad to be I intend to milk it all the way!

Many of our readers will also be going to Top Gear, so I will be jealously watching you all get stuck in traffic around Moses Mabhida Stadium, while I watch some old Top Gear episodes to get my fill.

Have a good weekend everyone!”


“The weekend looks promising offer tons to do from catching the new installment Prometheus from the Alien saga, taking in some international rugby with the Springboks vs England or checking out the muscle cars in the Top Gear festival in Durban.

Sadly all these fantastic opportunities are just that at this point with my body still thinking it’s walking the hallways of E3 back in Los Angeles. I’m thinking lots of “boring” rest might be the real story of my weekend.

Have a good one whatever you all get up to.”


“This weekend I aim to catch up on some of the sleep that I lost during the E3 period, and hopefully get over the jetlag from the long trip back home.

I also have a whole bunch of previews to write of the games I saw at E3 last week, so check back next week for more new content! Lastly, go the Bokke J”

What is everyone else busy with this weekend? Let us know, below – have a fantastic time everybody.

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