E3 2012: ZombiU Hands-on preview (Wii U)

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Prepare to be freaked out by this Wii U exclusive from Ubisoft that is setting the bar for other developers to beat with intense, immersive gameplay and excellent use of the GamePad controller. I was playing ZombiU in a brightly lit E3 booth surrounded by hundreds of people and this first-person survival horror shooter had me on edge from the get go. I’m not kidding people, you’ve been warned, it’s going to earn a mature rating for a reason.

ZombiU Screenshot 6

I’m going to get into the controls and features, but know that you are getting a rock solid experience right up there with what you would expect from Ubisoft. The visuals are engaging and, combined with the sound, the developers have stopped at nothing to engage all your senses. You’re checking on the TV screen and then the GamePad controller, listening for moans and groans, gripping the GamePad in anticipation and it’s only a matter of time before you get caught out. The London setting provides the perfect eerie location to test your survival skills as you navigate the fog shrouded labyrinth of streets and underground environments.

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