E3 2012: Gears of War: Judgment Preview (Xbox 360)

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Gears of War: Judgment was announced in the lead-up to E3 and featured during Microsoft’s E3 press conference last week. One of the game’s multiplayer modes was on show at the publisher’s booth, and many attendees happily queued for over two hours to get the chance to go hands-on with Overrun.

Judgment is a prequel game, it plays out 14 years before the events of Gears of War 1, taking players back to the immediate aftermath of Emergence Day for the first time. The game is said to be the “most intense and challenging” Gears of War game yet, with an exciting campaign and highly competitive new multiplayer modes. Gears of War: Judgment will launch worldwide, exclusively for the Xbox 360, in early 2013.

Gears of War: Judgment Banner

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