Announcing the El33t P33p of the Month for May 2012!

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As you may be aware, the ‘El33t P33p of the Month’ here on El33tonline is a person who has made excellent, regular contributions to the El33tonline community. A person we are proud to highlight and acknowledge for their support and feedback throughout the month. A person who, without a shadow of a doubt, exemplifies our own ideologies and helps make what we do that much more rewarding.

We’re excited to once again name our latest El33t P33p of the Month, this time for May 2012!

There’s a monster amongst us, everyone:

Gilbert Roland - The Gill Monster

Congratulations to Gilbert Roland, aka GillyMon! You’re our El33t P33p for May 2012!

Your support in and around El33tonline during May was amazing – thank-you for your waves of comments on El33tonline, as well as your words on Facebook and re-tweeting abilities on Twitter!

You’re an El33t P33p of gilled and monstrous proportions!

You’ll soon be receiving 20GB of Afrihost-sponsored ADSL bandwidth, as well as a points voucher for the digital distribution service of your choice (Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network).

You’ll also find your (Avatar’s) visage on the El33t P33p Wall of Fame!

Not only that, but during our travels in Los Angeles during E3 2012, we spotted a familiar name while walking along Hollywood Boulevard and the Hollywood Walk of Fame…

Gilbert Roland - Ruler of the Hollywood Walk of Fame

You didn’t tell us you were a famous actor!

Congratulations Gilbert!

As always, we sincerely thank all members of the El33tonline community for your daily comments, contributions and feedback, as well as your support of events such as Gears of War Wednesday and Battlefield Friday. Everyone’s words of support during E3 2012 was much appreciated, too – be sure to continue to follow our extensive and unique coverage of the event.

Thanks P33ps – we’re proud to share the same online living space as you.

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