The E3 2012 Experience: After being stepped on by a Capcom legend, my E3 could begin

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I understand the reason E3 is always advertised as a three-day event, rather than one that takes place from Monday to Thursday, but that doesn’t make it any less confusing.

During E3 week, Monday is press conference day. Monday is ‘guns blazing’ and ‘excitement through the roof’ day. Monday is when Microsoft, Sony and EA traditionally come out swinging with their biggest announcements that will determine the course of the game industry for months and years to come.

As important as these events are, however, they pale in comparison to being trod on by a Capcom legend.

The E3 2012 Experience: Galen Center Banner

My E3 2012 experience began on June 4th, Monday morning in Los Angeles, as I was making my way to the Galen Center where Microsoft was due to stage its media briefing this year. After taking the wrong train one stop too far, I was rushing to get back on course and make my way to the building ahead of schedule.

Luckily, I arrived with plenty of time to spare and got my bearings. After hearing a supposed executive confusedly ask for directions for something called ‘Xbox,’ I wound into the line heading into the North Entrance of the Galen Center – not quite VIP status, but close enough for me.

The E3 2012 Experience: Galen Center Display

Outside the Galen Center, the venue for Microsoft’s press conference this year

The queue wasn’t very long and ahead of me was a group of four individuals – three rather smartly dressed, and another donning a bright orange jacket and army fatigues. A strange combination, but “It’s E3 in Los Angeles – anything goes here,” I thought.

The group was speaking softly amongst themselves in Japanese and as the line lurched forward to feed another member into the Galen Center, the orange-jacketed man stepped back… and on my foot.

The four members of the party spun around to see the damage, but not only did I hardly feel it (I’m tough that way), I couldn’t help but grin as the man in the orange jacket turned out to be ex-Capcom luminary and game development legend, Keiji Inafune.

The man’s credits speak for themselves.

The E3 2012 Experience: Keiji Inafune and Friends

Quick apologies were uttered but I thought nothing of it and asked to snap a picture of the group. Inafune’s friends quickly (and humbly) scattered from the radius of the lens, but I assured them I wanted to capture them all in the photo – the result sits above.

Strangely enough, I took being stepped on by Inafune as a good omen, as one in an ancient culture would welcome being belted with a dead animal – it’s good luck. That’s what I hoped, at least.

So after a bit of a rough start to the week, and getting my toes crunched by one of the most well known and influential game developers in the world, my E3 2012 experience could finally begin!

The E3 2012 Experience: Inside the Galen Center

Inside the Galen Center – the stairs to the right would ultimately take me to my balcony perch. The doors to the right would ultimately allow a throng of conference attendees to flood in

The E3 2012 Experience series of articles aims to give those of you who didn’t attend the show a chance to sneak a peek at the inner workings of this annual event, with photographic, video and written tours of what El33tonline saw and did during the four-day extravaganza.

Look forward to more entries to the series over the coming days and weeks!

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