E3 2012: The Dead Space 3 mystery is solved… almost

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The other day we received a few parcels as we arrived at our home away from in Los Angeles after an incredibly long day of appointments at E3 2012. Inside the packages were mysterious notes from Dead Space 3 characters Isaac Clarke and John Carver, as well as their ID cards.

All very bizarre, but once we visited EA’s booth at E3 this week, it all became very clear. Or more clear.

Dead Space 3 Mystery Solved Image 1

Once we handed in our documents and badges, we received Dead Space 3 branded bottles as well as two hoodies – one styled after Isaac Clarke’s mask and another after Carver’s.

The mystery isn’t completely solved just yet, however, as the pages we received hold another secret. If you hold them under a UV light, strange Unitologist language lettering appears on the paper, but we’re yet to translate the text.

Anyone have a blacklight we can borrow?

Have a look at the goodies below and if you keep your eyes open, you might get a chance to snag one of these bottles and hoodies in the near future…

Dead Space 3 Mystery Solved Image 2

Dead Space 3 Mystery Solved Image 3

Dead Space 3 Mystery Solved Image 4

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