El33tonline receives Dead Space 3 SOS – what does it all mean?

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Dead Space 3 from EA and Visceral Games was recently confirmed to eager franchise fans around the world, both leading up to E3 2012 and during the publisher’s press conference on Monday, June 4th.

Following the reveal, Lisa, Wayne and myself were sent top secret parcels from EA that found their way to our accomodation in Los Angeles just as we arrived home after the first day of trawling the LA Convention Centre, once again home to the E3 show this year.

Dead Space 3 Communique Image 1

What did these packages contain?

Inside, we each received special ID badges for both series protagonist Isaac Clarke as well as ancillory character, John Carver, along with printed messages that the two supposedly sent to one another regarding emergency assistance on the frozen planet of Tau Voltanis, with talk of Necromorphs that are “stronger than you can possibly imagine” as well as a mention of “gigantic creatures” stalking Clarke.

We’re to take these communiques to EA’s booth in the Convention Centre, at which time we’ll receive… something else.

We’ll let you know what that ‘something’ is when we find out!

Dead Space 3 Communique Image 2

Dead Space 3 Communique Image 3

Dead Space 3 Communique Image 4

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