E3 2012: New Soul Sacrifice trailer shows the true cost of power

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Soul Sacrifice Logo

One of the most exciting upcoming PS Vita exclusives is Soul Sacrifice – an action RPG from Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune and SCE Japan Studio / Marvelous AQL. You play as a slave who stumbles upon a magical book that transports you into the world of a powerful sorcerer. The game support 4-player co-op and features an original gameplay mechanic whereby players can sacrifice objects in their environment or even parts of themselves to gain certain powers and magical abilities.

Soul Sacrifice will be released in Japan towards the end of the year and in western territories sometime during 2013.

Here’s the action-packed E3 trailer for the game along with an interview with Keiji Inafune where he explains the intriguing design philosophy behind Soul Sacrifice:

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