E3 2012: Nintendo reveals final design of Wii U GamePad, announces Pro Controller

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Yesterday evening Nintendo held a pre-E3 Nintendo Direct show to provide new details about its upcoming Wii U console. The platform holder used the opportunity to present the redesigned Wii U tablet controller as well as unveil the Wii U Pro Controller that can be used to play multiplatform games in a traditional way.

Wii U Pro Controller

The newly named Wii U ‘GamePad’ now has proper analog sticks that can be clicked down to provide two additional button options. The back of the controller has also been tweaked to afford better comfort and the GamePad can act as a TV remote control. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata also stressed that it can be used independently of the Wii U in certain instances. The peripheral also includes a NFC reader-writer which can be used with compatible credit cards and figurines.

Wii U GamePad 2

Wii U GamePad 1

Wii U GamePad 3

The Wii U Pro Controller looks very similar to the Xbox 360 pad and includes triggers along with an internal battery. It should prove ideal for players who are used to the PS3 or Xbox 360 controller, or those gamers who want to use a more compact control method when playing Wii U.

Take a look at Nintendo’s full pre-E3 show below for more details about the Wii U’s hardware and functionality:

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