E3 2012: Dance Central 3 announced by Harmonix and Microsoft

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Dance Central 3 Banner

Microsoft and Harmonix announced Dance Central 3 at their pre-E3 press conference in Los Angeles today. The game features two Usher songs and Microsoft had the performer on stage today to promote the upcoming game.

Usher participated in the choreography for his two songs, and they demonstrated this by having the game playing in the background as the man himself performed his moves. In fact, Usher says you can learn to dance like him if you play Dance Central 3. He’s not kidding. You’ll need to play other video games to learn how to look and sing like him though, so don’t start dreaming about being a superstar just yet.

Dance Central 3 Screenshot 1

Dance Central 3 Screenshot 2

Another touted feature is the inclusion of dances from the past such as the Hustle and the Electric Boogie. The disco theme is enhanced by the new venues and new characters in the game.

Dance Central 3 Venue 1

Dance Central 3 Venue 2

Dance Central 3 features a diverse soundtrack from Usher to Daft Punk to Gloria Gaynor, and it allows up to eight players to play in a new multiplayer party mode which will likely be demoed on the show floor.

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