YouTube app coming to PS Vita later this month

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Despite the PS Vita’s impressive capabilities as a handheld device, its web browser currently can’t stream most videos as it doesn’t support Flash or HTML5 video. Thankfully there’s an easy method to download YouTube videos to your Vita’s memory card and watch them in MP4 format, but a YouTube app would ultimately make our lives a lot easier.

YouTube Logo

Sony has clearly heard our collective pleas and announced today that a free YouTube app will be available to download from the PlayStation Store towards the end of this month. While it doesn’t sound like you’ll be able to upload movie clips using the app, you can at least watch videos, comment, subscribe to channels and manage your YouTube account.

As anyone with a Vita knows, watching high resolution videos on the device is a great experience thanks to its amazing 5-inch OLED screen. A YouTube app for the handheld is therefore a significant development that will both benefit consumers and help to grow the YouTube community.

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