Sports Champions 2 announced for PlayStation Move, debut screenshots and trailer inside

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Sports Champions 2 Screenshot 2

There’s been no shortage of PlayStation related announcements over the past couple of weeks, which makes you wonder how many new PS3 and PS Vita games Sony has left to reveal at E3 next week. Today the platform holder announced Sports Champions 2 – a sequel to the popular PlayStation Move launch title developed by Zindagi Games with support from San Diego Studio.

Sports Champions 2 will feature an action-packed line-up of sports including skiing, boxing, tennis, golf, bowling, and archery. Many of these activities will use two Move controllers for enhanced precision and control so if you’re lucky enough to have four of the peripherals lying around you’ll be well-equipped for two-player face-offs.

Take a look at the first trailer and screenshots for Sony’s latest exclusive:

Sports Champions 2 Screenshot 1

Sports Champions 2 Screenshot 3

Sports Champions 2 Screenshot 4

Source: PlayStation Blog

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