Outstanding Metro: Last Light gameplay video and screens demonstrate new features

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Very unfortunate. Very unfortunate indeed…

Metro: Last Light from THQ and 4A Games is looking absolutely incredible – and not just in terms of visuals.
Graphically, Last Light looks to be every bit of a tour de force as console and PC games we’ve previously held in high regard as ‘benchmarks.’

Metro: Last Light Banner Logo 2

This, combined with the developer’s planned gameplay features, however, as well as a new dynamic weather system and a focus on providing players with meaningful moment-to-moment actions and decisions as your adventure progresses (all wrapped up in a creepy, post-apocalyptic world), make Metro: Last Light an amazing proposition to gamers.

It’s very unfortunate, then, that the first-person action adventure game is only due out in early 2013.

Find out what we mean by watching the outstanding new gameplay footage from Metro: Last Light below, while perusing El33tonline’s previous coverage of the game and topping it all off with a batch of fantastic screenshots:

Metro: Last Light – Pre-E3 Gameplay Preview

Very unfortunate. Very unfortunate indeed…

If you need a refresher course on all things Metro: Last Light, then El33tonline’s previous looks at the title will fill you in, while the following important coverage will help, too:

Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last Light Screenshot 1

Metro: Last Light Screenshot 2

Metro: Last Light Screenshot 3

Metro: Last Light Screenshot 4

Metro: Last Light Screenshot 5

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