Rumour: Heavy Rain developer to reveal next game during Sony’s E3 press conference

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In March Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream showed off an impressive tech demo of its new game engine. While studio head David Cage said that the ‘Kara’ demo wasn’t representative of Quantic Dream’s next game, the fact that it was based on a year-old version of the engine indicates that the developer has been working on a new title for quite some time.

David Cage

Now CVG is reporting that “a trusted senior development source” has said that David Cage will take to the stage during Sony’s E3 press conference to unveil Quantic Dream’s next PS3 exclusive.

The same source told CVG that the developer is also working on two unannounced games for Sony. Perhaps at least one of these could be for PS Vita?

Stay tuned to El33tonline for all the major E3 announcements and reveals from next week’s event. Are you looking forward to Quantic Dream’s next PS3 title built using a brand new game engine? Let us know in the comments.

Source: CVG

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