Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection dated and priced, available as two separate games in July

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The upcoming PSN exclusive Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection seems like a great excuse to pick up a PlayStation Move and blast through some familiar Resident Evil scenarios alone or with a friend. The compilation includes the Wii rail shooters Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles, and features updated visuals, online leaderboards, trophies as well as Move support.

Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection Logo

Capcom recently announced a release date and pricing details for Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection. It will be released on June 26th in the US for $26.99 and on June 27th in European territories for £21.99/€26.99 (about R270). The two titles that comprise the Collection will also be available as separate purchases on July 17th in the US and July 18th in the UK/Europe. Each game will cost €14.99 on the European PlayStation Store.

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