El33t Tip: How to watch YouTube videos on PS Vita

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One of the biggest issues with the PS Vita’s current firmware is its disappointing web browser. While it’s adequate for basic browsing, most online videos can’t be streamed (including YouTube) and there are no options to adjust simple settings such as universal zoom level. The browser supposedly supports HTML5 but for some reason you can’t stream HTML5 videos on YouTube.

PS Vita YouTube Capture 1

Thankfully there is a way to download YouTube videos to your Vita in mp4 format and watch them at full resolution on the system’s amazing OLED screen.

To do this simply follow the steps outlined below:

  • bookmark this link on your Vita’s web browser by holding your finger on it, selecting ‘Open’ and then going into your settings menu (i.e. the dots at the bottom right of the screen) and selecting ‘Add bookmark’

  • rename the bookmark (optional step)

  • go to a video of your choice on YouTube

  • access the bookmarks menu (i.e. the heart icon) and select the bookmark you created a few seconds ago

  • you will see download links for ‘720p’ and/or ‘480p’ appear above the video

PS Vita YouTube Capture 2

  • select one of them and confirm that you want to download the video to your Vita

PS Vita YouTube Capture 3

Once the video has finished downloading it will be available to watch under ‘Videos’ in the home menu. It’s best to download videos in 720p as the 480p download link is in fact only 360p.

PS Vita YouTube Capture 4

Hopefully a YouTube app is released for Vita in the near future and the browser gets a major overhaul via a firmware update so we don’t have to employ these types of workarounds to watch videos online.

Thanks to this Japanese website for providing the code that makes it possible to ‘watch’ YouTube videos on Vita.

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