Why is War fighting against Death in this Darksiders II screenshot?

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Darksiders II Screenshot - War VS Death Banner

THQ has just released a brand new screenshot for Darksiders II depicting a battle between new protagonist Death, and hero of the original Darksiders, War.

Brothers and Horseman of the Apocalypse they may be, but there’s no doubt that they’re locked in an epic scrap with one another – what could the reason be?

Darksiders II Screenshot - War VS Death

You know the old saying: What starts with War, ends with Death!

We’re sure to find out more about this match-up between two of the Four Horseman very soon! How will War manifest himself in Darksiders II? Intriguing…

In the meantime, look over El33tonline’s past coverage of Darksiders II for many more screenshots, as well as videos and tons of information. Don’t forget Lisa’s excellent preview over here, either!

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