El33t Tip: How to use PS Vita’s web browser while playing a game

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The PS Vita may be a very powerful device but certain basic tasks like being able to use its web browser while a game is running in the background are not allowed on the current firmware. Thankfully there’s a way around this particular annoyance which I’m going to outline for you today.

To perform this trick/exploit you’ll need to have downloaded the free LiveTweet (i.e. Twitter) app from the PlayStation Store. The next step is to open up Twitter while you’ve got a game running in the background and look for a tweet that includes a link to a website. Tap this link and the Vita’s web browser will open up the selected website without displaying the usual prompt asking you to close your game before making use of the browser.

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Now that you’re in the browser you can navigate to any webpage and find the information you were looking for, or download audio and movie files to your Vita. Since a good portion of the handheld’s RAM is being used to run whatever game you are playing, certain RAM intensive webpages may not display properly.

The important thing to remember is that once you suspend the browser and go back to your game, the browser will automatically close if you try to go back to it and then select ‘Cancel’ when prompted to exit out of the game you are playing. You’ll have to repeat the process I’ve outlined above if you want to have both browser and game running simultaneously on your Vita once again.

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I’ve found this trick very useful when I’ve gone into a game only to realise that I have no podcast to listen to while I play it. Using these steps I can access the podcast webpage without having to exit my game and set the download going with minimal fuss.

Let me know if you have any other PS Vita related questions and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

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