See what inspired Sorcery’s creature designs in latest ‘making of’ trailer

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Sorcery Screenshot 1

Sony has tried to market the PlayStation Move in a variety of ways over the past couple of years but ultimately there hasn’t been enough software support for the peripheral to take it mainstream. Sorcery is Sony’s biggest PS Move title so far and has been in development for over three years at California-based developer The Workshop. This promising title will finally be released next week on Blu-ray and as a digital download via the PlayStation Store.

The latest entry in the ‘making of’ series for Sorcery explores the inspiration behind the game’s striking locations and creature designs. Irish culture and mythology had a large influence on Sorcery’s artists, while traditional elements from other northern European nations also served as inspiration for the project. Take a look at this illuminating video below:

Sorcery will be released on May 22nd in the US and a day later in European territories. You’ll need a PlayStation Eye, Move and navigation controller (or DualShock 3) in order to play it.

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