El33t’s Pre-W33kend Post: Maximum Payne, Devilish Diablo and… a blue hedgehog

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With the news today that El33tonline has been featured in the latest edition of EA Insider, we reckon it’s almost time to put a bow on this week and put our feet up… but not before telling you a few tales of the weekend to come as we look at what activities members of El33tonline will be filling their time with over the next two days.

Jumping castles and 3DS Coin collection? Bittersweet goodbyes and journeys to fantasy lands? Secret previews, E3 plans, maximum payne and blue speedsters?

Sounds like a regular old weekend around here – we’re so boring! Inject some excitement into proceedings and let us know your plans, too!


“This Sunday the Big Walk is taking place along the Durban beachfront so I’ll be there with my wife and sister as we soak up the sun (hopefully) and engage in some pleasant walkie talkies. I’ll take my 3DS with and report back with approximately how many play coins walking 10km will earn you (although I’m guessing that I’ll quickly reach the daily limit).

Other than that, I’ll be playing some Bejeweled 3 on DS for my upcoming review as well as spinning through the final two zones of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. If you’re also playing the PS3 version then let me know and we can team up for some co-op fun.

May the weekend flow slow, El33t p33ps!”

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“This weekend consists of 2 main activities. First up I will be playing a lot of Diablo III, enough to make up my mind on whether or not it is the classic it is meant to be (Is it meant to be a classic? – Ed). So far it is turning out to be very good, but greatness I am unsure about.

Secondly on the list is home work. Yes, I will be washing and painting and cleaning and mowing and ironing and cutting and plastering. On that note: is anyone interested in a little home in Westville? Cheap cheap!”

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“Another weekend! I have survived the hairy beast called ‘standby’ and am this weekend a free agent! My past weekend fleeted away mindlessly mining minerals in Minecraft with absolutely nothing to show for it except for a flooded basement and a drenched forge. Oh the inhumanity and lost time!

I look forward to some QT with my wife this weekend as well as the rugby and, most importantly, a fond farewell to a really good mate who’s emigrating to Australia. To commemorate the occasion of one of the ultimate foursome of Left 4 Dead survivors (Oltman, how are we ever going to replace Simon?) departing for another land, we will try to get in some co-op Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Portal 2, and maybe just a stint of Left 4 Dead, for old time’s sake.

Slimonavitch, you may not be buried, you may only be leaving for Australia, but you will be sorely missed…”

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“E3 is coming…

El33tonline’s preparation for the show continues, but we’ll need to be careful not to burn ourselves out before it all kicks off on June 4th. I’m going to try to temper E3 prep (and a secret hands-on preview) with my continued attempts to play Mirror’s Edge and Metro 2033.

No, it’s not a running joke, I really do want to play these games again! Maybe this weekend…

Hope you’re able to relax and spend time with friends, family and food over the next two days!”

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“This weekend I’ll be stepping into the world of Max Payne 3 ‒ it’s been a while since I’ve been as excited about a game as this one, so I hope Mr Payne doesn’t let me down. With the E3 trip planning now in full swing there’s definitely some time reserved for researching titles and working on a few new features for next week. Competitions too!

A birthday party with a Barney jumping castle, sunshine and some cake are also on the list, so looks like it’ll be a good weekend in my neck of the woods (no, that is not a clue to the whereabouts of the El33t HQ).

Whatever you do, have a relaxing weekend and we’ll see you all next week!”

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Now it’s your turn! What are you up to this weekend?

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