El33t’s Question of the Day: When has online gaming let you down?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

With the global release of Diablo III yesterday, May 15th, you would expect the millions of PC gamers who flocked to the title to be able to play it out of the box.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. Blizzard’s servers took a beating as hundreds of thousands of players in the US attempted to simultaneously log into the game (you’re required to play with an active internet connection), leading to multiple error messages and denied access the world over.

Very disappointing for players who have been waiting years to play Diablo III, no doubt, which raises this Question of the Day:

When has online gaming let you down?

PC gamers who tried to play Half-Life 2 on release will certainly remember similar issues to the Diablo III launch, while players of massively multiplayer online games have also seen their fair share of downtime.

There are surely examples of when regular competitive multiplayer games have denied us access to their online delights. El33tonline and our Uncharted 3 friends will attest to this.

Over to you: When has online gaming, or an online game in particular, disappointed you because of faults with that title?

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