Gather Arms, Ye Children of Man – Evil Has Returned This Night

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It has begun…

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Happy Diablo III Tuesday everybody! We hope everyone who braved the night and midnight launch lines was able to get their copy of the game, and if you’re picking it up today, enjoy it to the max!

To help El33tonline ring in this momentous occasion – a day that’s been over a decade in the making – friend and reader MacDeath_ZA rose to our challenge and submitted an awesome, epic Diablo III poem!

Read on:

“Gather arms men!

Take one last look at the sky.

Evil has returned;

The end is nigh.

The meaning of Sanctuary,

Will soon be forgotten.

Only the dead will remain,

Decaying and rotten.

If we are to survive,

We must all work as one.

If we’re to stay alive,

Then there’s no time to run.

So gather arms men!

Every sword, every gun!

If we do not all fight

Diablo’s already won.”

Thanks MacDeath!

Let us know your first impressions of Diablo III – share your thoughts with El33tonline and the community below!

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