El33t Timeout: Diablo III has launched, but are you fit enough?

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What game release this year will require your body to be in peak physical shape? No, it’s not the next Disney Kinect game, but rather Diablo III – the immense amount of clicking required will soon separate the heroes from the chaff!

In anticipation of this great event in gaming, Johnny over at has created two simple exercises that will help you get into the best shape of your life before you get stuck in the world of Sanctuary. Just like the Olympics it might be a bit late to start your training the day the game launches, but it does not mean you cannot be prepared.

Have a look at these great exercises and get ready to click the nights away!

Diablo III - Exercise 1: Sigon's Press

Diablo III – Exercise 1: Sigon’s Press

Diablo III - Exercise 2: Tancred's Lift

Diablo III – Exercise 2: Tancred’s Lift

Will you be making use of these excellent exercises to keep your clicking finger in tip-top shape? Or will Diablo III take care of that on its own?

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