Avoid the Templar: Game-breaking issue found in Diablo III

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Hey Diablo III players, here’s a quick heads-up about a game-breaking issue (or bug, if you insist) that will result in you being logged off of the Diablo servers and essentially locked out of the game.

Whatever you do, don’t…

… oops, sorry. Lost concentration there.

Anyway, in order to avoid this game-breaking bug in Diablo III, do not equip the ‘Templar’ follower with any gear (especially a shield). Reports doing the rounds indicate that the bug is specific to the Demon Hunter class, but rather don’t take the chance, even if you’re a big, tough Barbarian.

If you do, you’ll be kicked from the game you won’t be able to get back into Diablo III until Blizzard fixes the issue.

Blizzard is said to be investigating the problem, but for now… just avoid that Templar follower and keep his hands off your loot!

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