Minor 3DS firmware update released alongside Mario Kart 7 patch

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Nintendo has released a small 3DS firmware update that needs to be downloaded before being able to access the eShop or play online. 3DS users have reported that the only visible change brought about by the new firmware is that a system update can now be performed without first having to enter a parental control pin.

Mario Kart 7 Banner 2

The promised patch for Mario Kart 7 was also released today and is available to download from the 3DS eShop. You’ll need to have this patch installed on your system before being able to participate in the game’s online multiplayer modes. Version 1.1 of Mario Kart 7 eliminates the ability to exploit unintentional shortcuts that were present in a few of the game’s tracks.

Nintendo has said that more patches are in the works for other 3DS titles such as Kingdom Hearts 3D so keep an eye on your region’s eShop to see when these become available.

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