Battlefield Friday War Cry: Stand Together. Fight Together. Stay Alive Together.

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Battlefield Friday

The most important day of the week has arrived for the El33t_platoon: Battlefield Friday, the day of awesomeness. This Friday won’t be anything different to other Battlefield 3 sessions: It’s going to be filled with all of the cries of “oooh” the “aaah” and “Revive me” that we know so well.

Will you stand together with your team? Will you fight together with your Team? And will you stay alive together with you Team?

We all know Battlefield 3 is about team work, and the last few weeks we have had some of the most awesome teams ever created on the Battlefield. Let’s keep that going tonight and dominate the field again to be victorious!

Battlefield 3 - Back to Karkand Screenshot 6

The enemy will cry thunder when they see us crossing the Battlefield. Even their bullets will be to scared to hit us, as we will be a force to be reckoned with! Join me on the battlefield this evening at 8:15pm on Xbox LIVE, brothers and sisters.

If you are new to the battle, our regular pro members like CrazyErick, Griff3nZA, Oltman and El33tOliver will take you under their wings and help you survive.

Feel the Battle. Join the Fight.

If you’re joining us tonight, give me a huhrah!

Please note that I (POItjie) might be a bit late this evening as I’ll be travelling this afternoon. But I will join you. Our professional camper, I mean sniper, Smuroh will still be out of the battle this evening.

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