Second Dragon’s Dogma developer diary discusses Pawn system

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Dragon's Dogma Pawns

Dragon’s Dogma is an ambitious action RPG that features a number of gameplay mechanics that are new to the genre. One of the game’s most striking inclusions is the Pawn system that allows you to fight alongside up to three AI-controlled companions who will go so far as to shout out tactical advice relating to the enemy at hand.

The second Dragon’s Dogma developer diary is a fascinating look at how this Pawn system functions in the game and how these otherworldly helpers form an integral part of its plot. Pawns are dedicated to hunting the dragon that destroys ‘The Arisen’s’ village during the game’s opening and it appears that you’ll learn more about their significance as the story progresses.

There’s currently a demo for Dragon’s Dogma on both Xbox LIVE and PSN that offers a good chunk of gameplay to get yourself acquainted with how the Pawn system works during battle.

Dragon’s Dogma will be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 22nd in the US and May 25th in European territories. Head over here for more coverage of this epic adventure from some of Capcom’s most prominent personnel.

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