Sanctum ‘Free Weekend’ is live on Steam right now!

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Sanctum Banner Logo

Tower defence games have traditionally been all about placing your towers in the right place to kill all the creep as they try to enter your base or steal something valuable from you. But why stop there? In Sanctum you can build a maze to funnel the bad guys past your strongest towers to create more deadly choke points.

But wait, that’s not all!

Now enter into the actual combat and make a real tangible difference in the outcome by swapping into a first-person viewpoint and taking on the bad guys face first! But that’s still not all! Now get up to three friends to join you in the fun and you can all fight the hordes together!

If you think that’s a good deal, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Dial in now and receive Sanctum, the world’s first ‘First-Person Shooter Tower Defence game,’ for the low, never to be repeated (probably) price of nothing!

That’s right: Steam is holding a free weekend of Sanctum until Sunday, 1pm PDT (10pm South African). If you get hooked during the weekend and want to play some more, you can get Sanctum for a 75% discount. This discount is only valid for the weekend, so don’t waste too much time playing when you should be shopping!

Sanctum – Action Trailer

Sanctum – 4-Player Co-op Trailer

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