Report: Company of Heroes 2 is real, launching in 2013 – first details

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Company of Heroes 2 - PC Gamer Scan

News doing the rounds today concerns an upcoming, full-blown sequel to Company of Heroes, one of the most highly regarded real-time strategy games of all time.

PC Gamer magazine has the story on Company of Heroes 2 which is currently in development at series creator (and all-round RTS masters) Relic Entertainment – we’re not going to scoop the article, but here are a few details to whet your appetite for the magazine’s reveal:

The article reports that Company of Heroes 2 will be set during 1941 on the Eastern Front of World War II this time around, with cites such as Stalingrad, Kursk and Moscow named as locations. The inclusion of snow as an an element of weather will also play a big part in the game (think about how it affects tanks, weaponry and soldiers and you’ll get the idea).

Series fans will be pleased to know that Relic is aiming for even more realism and authenticity with the sequel, which will of course lead to even more opportunities for in-depth strategies – something that players of the original game and its expansion thoroughly enjoyed – while proper use of cover and a feature called ‘True Sight’ will be included.

Catch the next edition of PC Gamer to get all of the details on Company of Heroes 2.

We’re sure to get loads of official details on Company of Heroes 2 before it’s released in 2013, so sit tight!

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