Watch the God of War: Ascension livestream now! (Update: Complete, round-up included)

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PlayStation Blog’s livestream interview of God of War: Ascension game director Todd Papy is over, but we managed to grab a few highlights of the interview which you can read through below.

We also expect the full interview to go live as a separately available video, so look out for that.

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The interview basically comprised talk of the recently revealed multiplayer mode for God of War: Ascension, as well as a quick look at the passionate, experienced developers at the helm of the project, with time for questions and answers throughout.

Here are a few of the more interesting highlights we managed to catch from the interview:

Papy says that God of War: Ascension is running on an improved ‘Titan Tech’ engine (which powered God of War III, with new technology for hair, cloth and light rendering, while new blended animation techniques are also included.

While Papy was tight-lipped on new singleplayer gameplay features (which intimates that there are at least a few) and this portion of the game’s story, he did reveal that Kratos is being reworked and re-invisioned to fit the prequel story. He will be “less buff,” for example, and his clothing is being redesigned, too.

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You’ll also learn more about Kratos and his family and the team is keen on showing Kratos being worn down during his journey in Ascension.

Papy also touched on why this game isn’t simply called ‘God of War IV’ and addressed concerns over accessibility to franchise newcomers, saying that Ascension is its own, self-contained story and naming it ‘IV’ might put new players off as they might think they need to catch up with the series and play all of the previous games before getting to Ascension. Not the case, says Papy. In fact, he hopes that if you play Ascension, you’ll be enticed to play the rest of the games on PS2, PS3 and PSP as well.

In terms of the team’s goals for God of War Ascension as a whole, other than providing players with a game that’s ‘bigger and better’ than previous games, the aim is also to provide some that feels fresh and new, which is where the inclusion of multiplayer comes in.

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While you can see the debut screenshots, gameplay video and information on God of War: Ascension’s multiplayer with our reveal post, Papy did point out a few interesting things including how players will be able to customise different aspects of characters including the helmet, chest, skirt, sword and boots of your avatar.

In-game, multiplayer is looking incredibly impressive and although this mode won’t boast polygon counts comparable to the singleplayer game, multiplayer will still look “very nice.”

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Each set of weapons and armour will be themed after the allegiance you pledge to one of four gods, namely Ares, Zeus, Hades and Poseidon, and these sets will be clearly visible to you and your team-mates during online play (so you know who to help and who to destroy, at a glance) due to their unique colours and silhouettes.

Multiplayer combat was also discussed and Papy revealed that all available move sets are dictated by how much lag can be tolerated – complex moves, such as parries, might not make it into multiplayer, so the focus will be on ensuring players feel satisfied with big hits and combos. Making you feel as though you’ve hit another player, and receiving the correct feedback, is the key.

One last morsel of multiplayer information that we can divulge concerns traversal in the arenas. Rubenstein pointed out that players move much faster than in previous God of War games and Papy revealed the reason for this is that climbing on walls, for example, is now achieved by a point-to-point traversal system (similar to Uncharted) as opposed to a rail system where you need to move or slide along a ledge or crevice to get to another destination.

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The reason for this movement speed up is to allow players to quickly and easily move around arenas and get to the important business of killing one another and achieving goals, rather than spending time attached to walls.

In fact, the team at Sony Santa Monica has been talking to Naughty Dog (given their offices’ proximity to one another) to learn about integrating multiplayer into a singleplayer franchise and the team continues to discover important lessons in this regard.

That’s all for now – look forward to more God of War: Ascension information soon and at E3 2012 in June!

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PlayStation Blog’s Jeff Rubenstein is speaking with God of War: Ascension’s game director Todd Papy about the development of the next blockbuster action game in the crushing franchise.

Learn about God of War: Ascension’s developers, gameplay, multiplayer mode and what we can expect from the game when it releases on PlayStation 3 next year – exclusive content being shown right now!

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