Happy Birthday to Garth!

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Happy Birthday!In terms of birthdays, April 30th is an auspicious date indeed and marks the beginnings of great members of history and our society, including royalty, sportsmen, artists and talented entertainers.

How about King Philip III of France (1245), Louise of Lorraine (1553), Queen Mary II of England (1662) and Queen Juliana of the Netherlands (1909).

Don’t forget Austrian inventor Hans List (1896)!

Then there’s also South African rally driver Francis Tucker (1923) and Australian cricketer Ian Healy (1964) to consider, as well as rapper Lloyd Banks (1982) and actress Kirsten Dunst (1982). What about Tom Fulp (1978), the mysterious founder of Newgrounds and The Behemoth?

Who else was born on April 30th?

El33tonline friend and reader Garth Stuurman! Also known (and feared) as GaaTY on El33tonline and on Xbox LIVE, Garth’s birthday isn’t going quite as well as it should, so send him a hearty ‘Happy Birthday’ and message him on Twitter, too!

Happy Birthday Garth!

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