First PSone title spotted on Vita PlayStation Store

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PSone emulation on PS Vita was a feature that was sorely missing when the handheld launched worldwide in February. Reports suggest that Sony engineers are still busy creating a new PSone emulator for Vita, with president of SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida confirming this via a tweet earlier this week.

PSone Classics on PS Vita

Recent events suggest that PSone support will be coming to Vita in the near future. The latest European PlayStation Store update mistakenly added the PSone title ‘Buzz Lightyear of Star Command’ to the Vita’s PS Store, which some keen-eyed gamers quickly snapped up and downloaded to their systems. Although the game can be installed and its LiveArea launched, selecting the manual or tapping the ‘start’ icon results in an error message.

You can see from the screen below that PSone Classics on Vita will have their own unique LiveArea background:

PSone Classics LiveArea

Hopefully this is a sign that PSone emulation on Vita is entering the final stages of development, and that we can soon play our favourite Square Enix RPGs from yesteryear on Sony’s handsome handheld.

Source: Eurogamer

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