El33tonline Editorial: Games That Changed Us

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As a gamer, I sometimes wonder how we become gamers.

What identifies us as gamers, what gives us our motivation, what turned the switch in our brains that turned us into game fanatics? Many argue that everyone likes games but, in my experience, this is simply not true. In fact, I work with a group of people who look down on my hobby and passion and often have words to me about it, scoffing at me “wasting my time.” Their golfing / walking / gardening / drinking aside (talk about a waste of time!), I think I am entitled to choose for myself how to entertain myself.

So with this in mind, I decided to sit down and chart my progression as a gamer and identify key moments in my life that made me the gamer I am today. I thought I would also ask around and see if there is a common thread in this and, if so, whether this was triggered by specific games.

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