Brainteaser Thursday: Guess the Game Episode 12

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Another week flew by and another Guess the Game challenge was solved within minutes of being posted. Nothing slips past you guys!

Fez - The Face of Madness

The classic screenshot last week was indeed from a little gem known as Flight of the Amazon Queen, a game that could easily feature in the Friday Freebie section as it is totally free when you download it with the ScummVM emulator.

The news cropping, however, was actually from the PC version of Dark Souls. Following a petition from fans we are actually getting a PC version of the game!

Prepare to Die!

Guess The Game: Answer for April 17th 2012

Classic Screenshot

Staying with the adventure game theme I have another classic game for you this week. This game was big budget stuff for the time, and with a minimal interface changed the usual way these games were played. Bottom line is, it’s hardcore adventure gaming bliss!

Guess the Game: Classic Screenshot for April 26th 2012

News Cropping

The news this week is of a game that releases soon and will get you to buy more hardware. Yes, we all need more hardware in our lounges, but luckily a lot of players will have this already.

Guess the Game: News Clipping for April 26th 2012

Let the sniffing begin! Sniff around the web and find the answers. Or look under your bed – you’ll be surprised at what I have found down there!

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