Uncharted 3 Tuesday Wrap: Avoid the grenades and spiders at all costs!

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Due to Sony holding regular scheduled PlayStation Network maintenance on Thursdays, we decided to play Uncharted 3 on Tuesday this time round. Eight players logged on at 8pm last night and we enjoyed a number of rounds of Team Deathmatch and Team Objective multiplayer action.

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That’s not to say the evening was entirely without hiccups, however these were few and far between. My journey with Uncharted 3, and indeed the PlayStation 3, has been somewhat challenging over the past few months (a journey which perhaps I will detail in another article), but after uninstalling, reinstalling and repatching the game before 8pm… and holding my breath… the multiplayer loaded.

We had an awesome group of gamers online, thanks to KnaughtyKnaive, LAblak22, Grizzly89ZA, AchtungBaby, DiamondSA, Ofiler and DeadaimZA for joining our reboot of El33t’s Uncharted 3 community events! In between ducking to avoid gunfire, jumping to escape grenades and running like crazy away from psychotic spiders, it was good times all round.

We did hit a few technical glitches with matchmaking, but thankfully we overcame those problems and were able to enjoy a few hours of excellent game time with Uncharted 3. Thanks to everyone who joined, hopefully we’ll see you online next week. And with the recently announced Uncharted 3 GOTY edition we hope to see even more of you p33ps in our games very soon!

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