Free 3DS WiFi service Nintendo Zone arrives in Europe today

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The 3DS firmware update we previewed earlier this week is now available worldwide. The new firmware allows 3DS users in Europe to access Nintendo Zone – a free WiFi service that can be accessed from over 25 000 hotspots across the region.

Nintendo Zone Europe

Once you’re within range of a hotspot the Nintendo Zone icon will begin to blink on your 3DS’ home menu. From there you’ll be able to surf the web, access the eShop, make use of SpotPass, and even play certain games online (from May onwards).

Head over here to see if there are any Nintendo Zone hotspots located in your area.

This initiative is an excellent way for Nintendo to encourage 3DS owners to take their systems with them when they’re out and about, and it allows users without WiFi at home to experience what services like Nintendo Video and the 3DS eShop are all about.

Source: Eurogamer

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