Uncharted 3 multiplayer tonight with El33tonline and friends! Who’s keen?

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We’ve been a little jittery lately. We’re getting the shakes and we don’t know why. It’s like… a withdrawal. We haven’t got our regularly scheduled doses of something but we can’t quite put a finger on what…

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As we think about what could possibly be missing from our day-to-day lives, we’re going to be jumping onto PlayStation Network tonight at around 8pm (South African) to play a few multiplayer rounds of Uncharted 3.

Are you keen?

For now, you can add Numphie, Ofiler, AchtungBaby, LAblak22 and DeadaimZA, and who knows, maybe Mcbeanstr and even baas_oltman will join in, too.

Hope to see you later!

(Note: We won’t be playing on any DLC maps, but please make sure your version of Uncharted 3 is patched up and ready to go.)

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