Kalahari to host midnight launch of Diablo III!

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Diablo III Logo

There have been plenty of midnight launches held at brick and mortar game stores in South Africa to celebrate the arrival of a new console or massive software release. However, up until now an online retail company has never held one in SA. Thankfully that’s all about to change with the announcement that will host a Diablo III midnight launch on May 14th.

Rather than me simply repeating the event details in this post, take a look at kalahari’s official poster for the midnight launch:

Diablo III Kalahari Midnight Launch Poster

You’ll notice that the poster says you need to pre-order Diablo III to secure an invitation to the midnight launch in Cape Town. To make your life easier, here’s a direct link to the game’s pre-order page.

Kalahari’s Diablo III midnight launch on May 14th sounds like it’s going to blow the roof off anything you’ve experienced before. If you live in the Cape Town region and are planning to pick up Diablo III at launch then don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded gamers from your area!

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