Latest Pokemon Black and White 2 trailer hits with 3DS Pokemon app news

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Thanks to this weekend’s worldwide Nintendo Direct livestream conference (which unveiled news of many and varied Nintendo-related products including New Super Mario Bros. 2), a brand new trailer for Pokemon Black and White 2 has been released showcasing additional looks at the game’s battles and in-city traversal.

It’s not all Japanese-narrated gameplay in the Pokemon world, however, as Nintendo has revealed a collection of 3DS-powered applications designed to enhance the Pokemon Black and White 2 experience in this DS-exclusive game.

Pokemon Black and White 2 Banner Logo

You’ll of course be able to play the game on the 3DS, so Nintendo will be introducing two downloadable applications, namely Pokemon AR Searcher and ‘Pokemon Zenkoku Zukan Pro.’

Pokemon AR Searcher will be a separate app that allows you to ‘catch’ Pokemon and carry them over to Pokemon Black and White 2. Set to be released in Japan on the eShop on June 23rd for ¥300, gameplay AR Searcher is said to resemble that of the ‘Face Raiders’ 3DS AR game, but instead of shooting floating faces you’ll be attempting to catch Pokemon.

‘Pokemon Zenkoku Zukan Pro,’ on the other hand, is an update to the currently available Pokedex 3D (which allows you to view moves and additional information on Pokemon) and will release on July 14th in Japan on the eShop for ¥1 500.

That’s all that’s new in the world of Pokemon for now, but until the next batch you can watch that brand new Pokemon Black and White 2 trailer below:

Pokemon Black and White 2 Trailer

Pokemon Black and White 2 is due for release in Japan on June 23rd for ¥4 800, but we’re sure to find out a formal release date for the game in Western territories soon.

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