Your mind just exploded like a blood sausage: Wasteland 2 is coming!

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Were you around in 1988? Were you old enough to tap on a keyboard and play computer games? If so, then I’m sure you’ll probably remember a little classic Electronic Arts post-apocalyptic role-playing computer game called Wasteland.

If you weren’t old enough back then (to my grizzled dismay, some of you probably weren’t even born yet) then you have surely heard of the spiritual successor to Wasteland, Interplay’s isometric classic Fallout or one of its derivatives, and if you enjoyed Fallout (which 90% of the world did) then keep reading!

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Wasteland was a game filled with wickedly morbid humour, an intuitive and simple-to-use interface, and a fantastic storyline. From humble beginnings as a band of Desert Rangers-turned-plumbers to giant psychotic cyborg destroyers and saviours of the world, the journey through Wasteland was one fraught with challenges and nightmarishly hostile mutants.

Wasteland is one of those timeless classics that is deserving of a sequel and the great news is a little Kickstarter crowdfunding closed a brief while ago and Wasteland 2 is officially in development – the old team (in more sense than one) is back!

Alan Pavlish, Michael Stackpole, Ken St. Andre and Liz Danforth joined forces with Brian Fargo at the helm and InXile Entertainment proposed a Kickstarter project on March 13th asking for a humble (in your best Doctor Evil voice, now) one million dollars (!) to fund the game.

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Showing his loyalty to the project, Brian Fargo immediately offered to fund a shortfall of up to $100 000, and so the largest target of $900 000 for any Kickstarter project to date was born. Fewer than two days later the full backing was met and at the time of closing yesterday, a total of more than $3 million was secured (and I am proud to say I was one of the funders, in my own little way).

Whether you’re new to the series (we can call it that, now) or you still have sand stuck in your keyboard from the gruelling weeks spent in the Wasteland all those years ago, why not check up on how the project is progressing and wow yourself at a bit of game concept art over at their official website?

Personally, I am ecstatically ecstatic at the news of a Wasteland sequel that is being co-designed by the original team. With a tentative release date of October 2013, I am counting the days until the big launch – let’s hope Wasteland 2 brings back a bit of the old ‘Paragraphs’ referencing from the original!

The godfather of post-apocalyptic RPGs is back!

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