US Demon’s Souls servers shutting down in May, vote for final world tendencies now

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It was recently announced that Atlus is to shut down the North American servers for From Software’s Demon’s Souls at the end of May, removing many of the game’s unique online features in the region in the process.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Atlus, Tim Pivnicny himself described some of these features thus:

“With Demon’s Souls, gamers received a title of breathtaking scope and vision, a project built on experimental cooperative and competitive multiplayer concepts, offering users both direct and indirect methods of communication and interaction. Elements of every connected player’s single player world carried into the worlds of others, sometimes as nothing more than an echo or afterimage, and other times in the form of an alliance or invasion.

“With countless hazards to memorize and plan for spread across each of the game’s sprawling dozen-plus worlds, the ability for players to leave hints-or, potentially, deceptions-and to view the final moments of other adventurers’ lives, created an unprecedented form of RPG crowd-sourcing that remains revolutionary to this day.”

Demon's Souls Screenshot 1

“When subtle interactions were insufficient assistance, players could call across dimensions for assistance, pulling the weakened spirit forms of other adventurers-unable to communicate using conventional voice chat in order to preserve the game’s intense atmosphere-into their worlds to help them defeat the game’s unforgettable boss monsters. Other less altruistic spirit form users could invade the world of living adventurers and try to revive themselves by quite literally stealing that life from another.

“All of these online elements, all of the ways in which gamers would interact with each other, served to enhance and complement the core game and were designed so as to neither diminish nor distract from the experience and thrill of simply playing the game.”

Starting May 31st (in North America at least), and after two and a half years in operation, all of this great stuff will be removed from Demon’s Souls.

As a tribute to the players of the game, Atlus will allow you to vote on the final world tendencies of Demon’s Souls via the ‘Atlus Faithful’ mailing list (sign up over here), the effects of which will be seen on May 1st and May 16th.

Are you still playing Demon’s Souls and making use of the game’s online features, or have you moved on to Dark Souls? Do any of those awesome features intrigue you?

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