Lisa Conquers Capcom’s Captivate with Cracking Coverage: Round-up!

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Every year, Japanese mega publisher Capcom holds the secretive ‘Captivate’ showcase event somewhere in the world. One year it was held in Hawaii. Another year, Captivate took place in Miami.

This year, however, Capcom’s Captivate was held in Rome, one of the most historically rich and culturally amazing cities in the world!

El33tonline at Captivate 2012 Banner 1a

El33tonline’s Editor-in-Chief Lisa was invited to attend Captivate 2012 for a chance to exclusively sample uncontrollably exciting new Capcom games such as Resident Evil 6, DmC and Dragon’s Dogma, as well as bear witness to the first ever reveal and unveiling of Lost Planet 3!

Lisa has written a host of excellent features and previews on the event and the games of Captivate 2012, with more to come next week, and we’ve rounded up our coverage so far below:

After a series of long flights from Durban to Rome, Lisa’s Captivate 2012 adventures began proper at the Boscolo Hotel in Piazza della Repubblica… and the discovery of a ‘bloodied’ Ivy University sweater in her hotel room!

Read about Lisa’s adventures and the developers she met during the event over here.

Captivate 2012: Welcome Reception

Lost Planet 3

From that point on, Lisa and the rest of the Captivate attendees were treated to a deluge of amazing Capcom videogame delights, starting with the reveal of Lost Planet 3 and a full, astounding gameplay demo (read Lisa’s Lost Planet 3 preview).

Many more details were divulged as Lisa was given the opportunity to interview the Lost Planet 3 developers (found over here) and we learned much more about the origins of the game.

To top it all off, you can watch the fantastic CG trailer for Lost Planet 3 over here.

Lost Planet 3 - Capcom’s Kenji Oguro and Andrew Szymanski

Resident Evil 6

After all of that excitement, it was time for Resident Evil to shine (and glisten…) with the first ever public showing of Resident Evil 6.

The development team directors were there to talk about the game’s story, revealing information on a three-part storyline with three different playable characters – lots of information can be found with Lisa’s write-up here, with details on the characters, controls, visuals and more.

Resident Evil 6: Captivate 2012

You’ll also want to read Lisa’s Resident Evil 6 preview which goes into epic, heart-stopping detail describing one of the missions shown at Captivate! Wash it all down with a lengthy (but worth it!) story and gameplay trailer with tons of in-game footage over here.

Want more Resident Evil? Then how about Lisa’s hands-on preview of Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection for PlayStation and PS Move?

Goodness, that’s a lot of zombies!

Street Fighter X Tekken Vita

Things got rowdy with the presentation for Street Fighter X Tekken for PS Vita, mainly thanks to legendary producer Yoshinori Ono’s shenanigans trying to hype up the audience for a chance to snag some swag!

Captivate 2012: Street Fighter X Tekken Vita Presentation

Despite his recent health problems, Ono brought another dimension of colour and excitement to the event while talking about the handheld version of Street Fighter X Tekken – Lisa’s write-up on the presentation includes some very intriguing and important information for fans of the game, while you can see a massive collection screenshots, artwork and videos for the game over here.

Steel Battalion

What else was at Captivate 2012? Lisa took the opportunity to try Steel Battalion, the tank (and vertical tank) ‘simulation’ game for Xbox 360 and Kinect – a game that’ll have you waving your arms, turning your head, shaking hands and fist-bumping your way to victory!

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Captivate Hands-on Screenshot 1

By the sounds of things, Steel Battalion is a bit overwhelming at first with lots of Kinect movements to learn (as well as control input available), but manageable in the long run – read Lisa’s awesome hands-on preview of Steel Battalion to find out why!

Lisa was also able to get to grips with DmC (Devil May Cry) from Ninja Theory as well as Dragon’s Dogma, and to keep you keen and whet your appetite for her previews and further coverage on these two achingly epic and truly outstanding titles, we’ve got the latest screenshots and videos for you to look over – enjoy!

Look forward to El33tonline’s further coverage of Captivate 2012 soon!

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