The Legend of Dragoon lands on PSN next month

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The Legend of Dragoon Banner

During the PSone era RPGs that came on multiple discs were treated with great reverence by gamers looking for a lengthy adventure to embark on. The Legend of Dragoon spanned four discs and certainly lived up to the assumption that it would provide dozens of hours of entertainment. This mammoth RPG took Sony Computer Inc. over three years to develop and features some of the most detailed pre-rendered backgrounds and lavish cut-scenes of the PSone era.

If you’ve never played The Legend of Dragoon or are keen to rediscover it then be sure to visit the US PlayStation Store from May 1st and download it from the PSone Classics section. Shuhei Yoshida, producer of TLOD and now president of SCE Worldwide Studios, announced this release date via a recent post on the PlayStation Blog.

Here’s a North American commercial from 2000 for The Legend of Dragoon, as well as the game’s US box art:

The Legend of Dragoon Box Art

Are you looking forward to adding The Legend of Dragoon to your PSone Classics collection? Let us know in the comments.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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