Start Your Guess Engines: Sony teasing a new game, is it God of War 4?

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The new ‘timeline’ design and layout in Facebook may have been resisted for some time, but now that it’s officially rolled over and we’ve now been forced to use it, it’s actually pretty neat. Being able to put up your own large custom banner image at the top of your personal or business page is one of the nicer additions and can be used for lots of great purposes.

Like teasing the next blockbuster videogame.

PlayStation Facebook Teaser Image Tease

The official PlayStation Facebook page has made use of its top banner image to get visitors guessing about an announcement of some kind that will be taking place on the 19th of April.

Here’s the image:

PlayStation Facebook Teaser Image

But what could it be?

NeoGAF users (where the tip originated) have already started guessing God of War 4, or more humorously, God of War: Revengeance, while others are going for Red Dead Revengeance or a new Red Dead game from Rockstar of some description.

What do you think it could be? What new game is Sony teasing for its PlayStation brand? God of War surely is a top contender, given the wording used in the image, with talk of vengeance (franchise protagonist Kratos’ original aim) leading to redemption.

What say you?

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