Gears of War 3 Cup Final – Report: It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Want to be the Champ)

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April 1st saw the crowning of South Africa’s first Gears of War 3 Champions as the inaugural DGL Gears of War 3 Cup came to an end after three weeks of exciting knock-out action!

Gears of War 3 DGL Cup 2012 - Header

The group stages had already set an incredibly high standard of play but as is in any sport, when you put knock-outs on the table, clan reputations on the line… you can only expect that the bar will be be raised that much higher.

In the first round, things progressed as expected with all the group winners moving on to the next round, as all except CMR making light work of their opponents. CMR instead were pushed all the way by CP Alpha in what ended up being a two-day event, but ultimately the Stranded team prevailed.

In the second round, and in the upper bracket, the Lobotomizers were set against GZ in a mouth-watering clash of Gears 3 elite and pre-tournament favourites, but the show was completely stolen by the other upper bracket match between the Morticians and CMR in what was arguably the game of the tournament.

The match was so closely contested, I can assure you there was not a single clean pair of underwear between the two teams that night with the Morticians eventually displacing CMR and sending them to the lower bracket.

Gears of War 3 DGL Cup 2012 - Final Bracket

Down in the lower bracket, GOO and CP Alpha made the most of the second chances and eliminated both Pink Diamond teams, keeping their cup dreams alive. GOO started building some momentum, too, as they dumped both CMR and GZ (who had eliminated old rivals CP earlier) out of the tournament as they charged on full steam ahead into a semi-final position waiting, on the loser of the all FLS upper bracket semi-final.

The Fallen Lobotomizers domination of the cup was cemented by both their teams contesting the upper bracket semi-finals, which meant that theoretically both of them could contest the finals as well, but this match had something more valuable on the line than just a winners spot in the finals – on the line were clan bragging rights, which is something that FLS hold in high regard!

Gears of War 3 DGL Cup 2012 - Champs

The Lobotimizers eventually booked themselves a place in the final, however, while the Morticians would have another chance to even the score if they managed to get past GOO in the lower bracket semi-final, but GOO had their own little fairy tale ending on the cards as they swept past the Morticians with unexpected ease.

So the final battlefield was drawn: FLS Lobotomizers versus Ghosts of Onyx. Could GOO complete a fairy tale epic by defeating the only team to have beaten them in the Cup previously? Not if the Lobotomizers had anything to say about it, ending that particular fairy tale by clinically severing its head from its body in true Lobotomizers fashion!

Gears of War 3 DGL Cup 2012 - Lobotomizers

FLS Lobotomizers: Cleaverstone, Kalventer, BEANIBILITY, PR1NGLES ZA, Aurillius, Blackwiddow01

Congratulations to the new South African Gears of War 3 Cup champions, FLS Lobotomizers, and a big thanks to all of the teams that participated and supported the tournament!

Hopefully all the support has not gone unnoticed and we’ll soon be seeing an official Gears of War 3 league in SA. In the meantime though, shoot you all in Gears of War Wednesday!

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