New Sonic 4: Episode II trailer reveals release date!

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Fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog series have had plenty to keep themselves busy over the past few months thanks to the release of Sonic Generations in November followed shortly by Sonic CD. The next highlight on the Sonic release schedule is Sonic 4: Episode II – a co-op side-scroller featuring Sonic and Tails as they take the fight to Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic on Little Planet.

Sonic 4: Episode II Screenshot 1

This download-only title is being developed for multiple platforms including PSN, XBLA, PC, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The game will feature both local and online co-op where two players can team up as the dynamic duo of Sonic and Tails and use special abilities to help each other overcome each level’s unique range of obstacles and challenges.

Sega recently unleashed a new trailer for Sonic 4: Episode II that lifts the lid on the game’s release date across multiple platforms and reveals a special ‘Episode Metal’ bonus for fans who own both Episode I and Episode II of Sonic 4. Check it out below:

In summary, Sonic 4: Episode II will be released for PSN on May 15th and for XBLA on May 16th. PC and iOS users will also be able to pick up the game sometime during May. The Android version will be released in June and the Windows Phone version will debut in July. Owners of both Sonic 4: Episode I and Episode II will automatically be granted four exclusive levels that feature a playable Metal Sonic.

Will you be picking up Sonic 4: Episode II over the next couple of months? If so, what platform(s) will you be getting it for? Let us know in the comments.

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