Captivate 2012: Capcom captivates Rome with demos, hands-on, interviews and more!

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The Boscolo Hotel is situated in the beautiful Piazza della Repubblica in Rome. Upon entering my hotel room I spotted a bloody pullover on a knocked over chair in the corner. Needless to say the Italian gentleman escorting me to my room was quite shocked, wondering how this had been overlooked. I quickly reassured him that he need not worry, it was all part of the event I was attending…at least I hoped it was!

Captivate 2012: Boscolo Hotel

The beautiful Boscolo Hotel in Rome

Captivate 2012: Boscolo Hotel Entrance Hall

The impressive entrance hall to the Boscolo Hotel

Captivate 2012: Boscolo Hotel Entrance

Signs of Capcom’s invasion

Any other person in the world would be alarmed to find a blood-soaked sweater in their room, any one but a gamer that is! I snapped a few shots of the sweater draped over the fallen chair, feeling a little like Phoenix Wright examining the clues and then taking photographic evidence. The sweater was branded Ivy University, Tall Oaks, the setting for Resident Evil 6. I had figured that Capcom would be showcasing this new title, but now I had solid proof! Upon closer inspection of the sweater I discovered something tucked away inside the front pocket, a letter and photograph, each no doubt revealing more clues to the plot of the new game. Better to put this in the check-in luggage, I thought, there’s no way security is going to let me pass with this bloody sweater on!

Captivate 2012: Tall Oaks University Sweater

The blood-soaked Tall Oaks University sweater

Capcom had also left us a Virility energy drink, no doubt to try and help us overcome the jet lag, along with instructions to register and collect our Welcome Pack from downstairs. The pack filled in a few more of the blanks of what Capcom would be showcasing at Captivate 2012, with presentations for Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 6, Street Fighter X Tekken Vita and a mysterious unannounced title listed on the itinerary.

Captivate 2012: Welcome to Rome

Capcom welcoming us to Rome

Captivate 2012: Registration

Registration time!

Captivate 2012: Welcome Packs

The Welcome Packs

Later that evening the title was revealed during a stylish welcome reception and dinner at the hotel, where a trailer revealed the new title to be Lost Planet 3. White chandeliers, candles and couches set the scene for the reception held on the fifth floor terrace of the hotel, overlooking the fountain below but sealed in to keep the slightly chilly seasonal weather out. Members of the Capcom development teams, staff and journalists mingled, some even wearing their new Tall Oaks sweaters!

Captivate 2012: Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception

Capcom welcomed us to the event, thanking the media for travelling from all around the world to attend Captivate (special mention was made of South Africa!). Katsuhiko Ichii, Head of R&D and Global Marketing at Capcom, then thanked us again for making the trip to Rome before introducing Andrew Szymanski who revealed Lost Planet 3. The next day we found out more about Lost Planet 3 at a presentation and gameplay demo given by Szymanski and Kenji Oguro, and then later in an interview with the two.

Captivate 2012: Katsuhiko Ichii

Capcom’s Katsuhiko Ichii

Lost Planet 3 - Capcom’s Kenji Oguro and Andrew Szymanski

Lost Planet 3: Kenji Oguro and Andrew Szymanski

We also got to delve a little deeper into Devil May Cry with Ninja Theory at a presentation given by Alex Jones, Tameem Antoniades and Hideaki Itsuno. The Virility drink was handed out at the door.

Captivate 2012: DmC Virility

Capcom just had to sneak a booth babe in

Captivate 2012: DmC Virility Drinks

Devil May Cry Virility branded drinks

We got to go hands-on with Street Fighter X Tekken Vita in the rowdiest presentation by far with a very animated Yoshinori Ono.

Captivate 2012: Street Fighter X Tekken Vita Presentation

Street Fighter X Tekken Producer, Yoshinori Ono

Captivate 2012: Street Fighter X Tekken Producer, Yoshinori Ono with Blanka

Posing with Blanka

The afternoon saw us getting hands-on time with Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection, Devil May Cry, Dragon’s Dogma and Street Fighter X Tekken Vita.

Captivate 2012: Hands-on room

Hands-on with Devil May Cry

Captivate 2012: Dragon's Dogma Associate Producer

Dragon’s Dogma Associate Producer, Tomohiro Saito

Captivate 2012: Hands-on room

More hands-on time

The next day was focused on Resident Evil 6, where Executive Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Director Eiichiro Sasaki and Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi revealed more about the game and treated us to a gameplay demonstration.

Resident Evil 6: Captivate 2012

The Resident Evil 6 team

Later that morning we sat down with the three for an interview, followed by an interview with the Devil May Cry team. We spent some more time with the games in hands-on time that afternoon, rounded up by a dinner where we mingled with the various developers that we had met during the course of Captivate 2012.

Captivate 2012: DmC Team - Tameem Antoniades, Alex Jones and Hideaki Itsuno

The Devil May Cry team

Thanks to Capcom and to everyone involved for making Captivate 2012 a great success – hope to see you there again next year!

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