What’s better than one Uncharted 3 patch? Two in a single day!

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Naughty Dog is trying to outdo itself this week by releasing two Uncharted 3 patches in a single day, starting with title update 1.08 today, April 9th, before moving on to title update 1.09.

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The team is taking all of the ‘work’ out of downloading these patches, however, by rolling them into a single update. Confused? You shouldn’t be, it’s super simple: they’re just making you aware of a bunch of discrete changes made in two separate updates.

Let’s discover what’s fixed, changed and new in Uncharted 3 versions 1.08 and 1.09 below, together:

If you wish, you can watch two quick primer videos by two of the Naughty Dog guys primarily responsible for making Uncharted 3 multiplayer good, but there’s a good chance it’s not going to make a whole lot of sense at first, so we’re provided the full patch notes for each update below – remember to download today!

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – Patch 1.08 Notes Video

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – Patch 1.09 Notes Video

Uncharted Patch 1.08


  • Gameplay

    • Cloaked level 3 booster better masks the player’s sounds when equipped
    • Increased default Tau Sniper ammo total to 18
    • Fixed certain regions on Ruins and Facility maps where a thrown Plunder or Treasure Hunter idol would not respawn
    • Crushing difficulty on Plaza and Village for Shade Survival is now locked until properly unlocked via gameplay
    • Players can no longer infinitely hold a high-five pose to avoid being grabbed by a Choker in Co-Op modes
  • Technical

    • Players are now able to vote on the difficulty of Co-Op matches no matter where they are on the menu when the voting period begins
    • Players can no longer join the party of a player that is viewing a Cinema file
  • User Interface

    • DLC Toggle added to the Options menu

(DLC Toggle Note: The DLC toggle places players into two distinct pools: players searching for DLC and players who are searching for default maps. When the switch is toggled “On” in order for you to be pooled in the DLC group you’ll have to make sure you have downloaded the latest DLC maps.

All players with the latest DLC maps will be pooled into the DLC group once the toggle is in the “On” switch. If you want to play the default maps and occasionally get DLC maps leave the toggle in the off position.)

Uncharted Patch 1.09


  • Gameplay

    • G-MAL stopping power reduced by 50%
    • Shield’s health increased by 18%
    • Auto aim while jumping reduced on double-barrel shotguns
    • Bullet spread for AK-47 tightened by ~10%
  • General

    • All cinema files captured pre patch 1.09 are no longer accessible
  • Server

    • Updated the server-side to allow for live updates to weapon functionality

(Cinema Files Note: All cinema files created pre-patch 1.09 will no longer be available.)

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